about us

Our company is an Export Management and Trading Private Company, acting as the export department of several groups of Greek producers who have been producing premium quality products for the Greek market. Our mission is to expand their activities into international markets and pass on our habits of healthy eating, relevantly to the Mediterranean diet, low nutrition facts and rich in antioxidants, to the whole world.

Company Values

15° promotes organic as the way all products should evolve with consumers becoming more environmentally oriented – friendly

15° embraces traditional methods of production that pass through Greek culture to new producers (from generation to generation) ensuring a high quality product

15° cooperates with Greek suppliers in order to fill export inquires and supports them during the whole export procedure

15° invests in order to increase the production efficiency and growth

15° helps producers expand and become more competitive in the global village

15° monitors demand and makes product modifications as required

15° monitors production and works for a more sustainable environment